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The 19th annual Meripäiväjuoksu (Maritime Festival Run) will be held on Thursday 27.7.2023. The start will be at 1 pm. You should aim to be at the starting place an hour before the start.

A warm up for the run will be held at 12.45. The event will be over at around 4.30 pm.

Thu, 27 July 2023, 13:00-16:30
Puistotie 9-11, KOTKA

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Route description

Both start and finish are situated on the Puistola athelics field in a part of city centre called Katariina. The run itself will go through the beautiful Langinkoski area, going around Keisarinlahti and via Mussalo suburb, and finally through Katariina park. There are changing rooms, showers and WC at the athelics field, as well as a cafeteria. Runners are allowed to enter the nearby swimming hall with children’s entrance fee after the run should they wish to.

Further details


Saana Metsola
050 560 9473


Entrance fee

Entrance fee for both 5 km and 15 km runs is 35 e per person, when you register online. If you sign up at the field on the day of the run (sign up closes an hour before the start), 43 e. The fee for the half-marathon is 43 e (at the field on the day of run 58 e). The fee includes a t-shirt, sports drink and water, maintenance on the route, traffic-control, result-service, first aid, a medal, and snacks after the run.

To sign up: Fill the form on the left and pay (before 25 July 2023 23:59):

Nordea FI50 1069 3000 2376 28
Reference number: 23812
Receiver: Snow Sport's Mokra.

Running asphalt and soil-covered and flat route is well suited for measuring the condition of Meripäiväjuoksu. In the finishline and along the way there is a sports drink and water. The route is marked with signs and chalklines. Meripäiväjuoksu is for everyone and it can be finished either by running or walking. The winner receives a round trophy and three winners of the series receive their own trophy. All participants receive Meripäiväjuoksu medal.

  • Racing series men and women
  • Fitness series men and women
  • Team competition

”Katariina kierros” is seaside, mainly a sand based trail/path. It is suitable for walkers and fitness enthusiasts. The route has wonderful landscape and scenery on the waterpark Sapokka. Finally through gorgeous Marine Park of Katariina to finish. Series men and women.

Meripäivä half-marathon consists of traditional Meripäivä-run route. At Mussalo K-Market to right, on the Rajakalliontie following the chalkline to the turning point. From the turning point back towards chalkline and to Katariinan Kierros. On the way you can admire the imperial fishing lodge in Langinkoski and natural greenery of Mussalo. Beautiful waterfall in Kotka Sapokka and gorgeous seaside views of Katariina. Series men and women.

Each runner runs at his own risk. The organizer is not responsible for accidents or loss of goods caused to competitors.

Note! We do not mail the prizes.

All children under 10 years of age can participate free of charge for 400m run around the track. There is no pre-registration. All participants will be rewarded with the medal of Junior Run. The future of Meripäiväjuoksu is secured!